Hair Simulation

Hair Simulation

Every man has a reason to come to the world. Some have been created to be a part of the system in a functioning order, some to manage this system, some to establish a system. In fact, I do not believe leadership is a fact that has been won. A human leader is born. My life began to find errors in the functioning systems since I was a little boy, and over time, my life continued with building new systems.

But my life has changed with what happened to me on a cross-city trip. You know, people drink tea coffee, etc. during small breaks. There was a very young boy next table. His hair fell out due to illness. His father had him prosthetic hair done to keep his psychology intact, but he was just a kid. Naturally, he was disturbed. He was a little man and he looked at it with his giant eyes. A lot of people get upset or cry in this situation. I did the same in first instance, obviously. Then I thought about what I could do. I started researching on the internet. I finally found the first light on a site.

A tattooist tattooed on a person with no hair with a tattoo device. I contacted this person and started learning the system. It was something like a miracle. After a few words, I started to see problems with the system. This process was permanent and it was being done with tattoo paints. In addition, tattoo paints contained heavy metals which in the later stages posed a risk of a health problem. The needles were metal, which caused damage to the scalp. I worked for a long time in my laboratory and I developed B.C.N.T hair simulation dyes that are more suitable for the human body. It was a temporary system and could be renewed as much as desired. For the scalp, I developed the world's first gold needle system. Gold is both less damaging and eliminating allergic conditions. I decided to produce these products in Turkey. Because I wanted everything under control from A to Z. The point we're in right now is unbelievable. I founded the HFS Center hair simulation center, the first brand registered hair simulation center in Turkey. But apart from everything else in the world, people who have a lot of hair problems come to me and there is no definition for me when seeing them happy.

I feel like I hear you saying why the name hair simulation. It is a simulation. Actually, this name came out when I told my client. In fact, you don't have hair it looks like you have and he said to me as a simulation. Yes I said HAIR SIMULATION. It sounded nice, and frankly, I wouldn't even think that it would hold so much and that people would embrace it.

This is where we came from, but we never stop. Because the best never do with the ones they have. Welcome to Turkey's first registered trademark hair simulation center HFS Center Hair Simulation Center.

Our founder, Serkan Bozkurt is also the founder of hair simulation profession in Turkey.

We are the only company in Turkey that produces its own dye. We are the patent holder of the gold needle hair simulation. The right address for hair simulation in Turkey.

You had hair implant, but the result doesn't look like what you expected ?

Do you feel uncomfortable with your hair transplantation scar?

Does your RARE hair make you unhappy ?

Are you quite bored with your prosthetic hair ?

You lost your hair as a result of alopecia ?

Did you use many cosmetic products and get no results ?

Are you ready to meet hair simulation ?



Our ever-expanding company is the founder of hair simulation in Turkey. We are growing day by day in hair simulation and we are among the few companies in the world. Today, we are among the few companies that produce their own devices and paints in the world. All of our products are produced locally in Turkey. We take our power from you who trust us. We are working harder to have a voice in the world because we know that the good always wins and there is no alternative for the best.


We are constantly working and producing to provide you with better service and perfect hair simulation results. In this sense, we designed and developed the world's first computer-assisted hair simulation device. Thanks to computer control, the whole process is completed with zero error. We are the first company in the world to use the gold needle system. With different thickness of the gold needles, we get a natural look of almost 100%. we developed B.C.N.T hair simulation dye in our laboratories in Turkey by choosing the raw materials that are most suitable for human health. Our dyes are dermatologically tested and approved. Successfully passed heavy metal tests. It is the first hair simulation dye to receive the world's first Halal certificate. The secret of our success is our love for our business. We take our power from you who trust us.

I am proud to be the pioneer of this profession in Turkey, which I started in 2013. In my professional life, I started with the products of foreign companies in the beginning of my career and I continue with the hair simulation device and hair simulation dyes which are 100% domestic production.

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