Does scalp micropigmentation damage hair ?

Does scalp micropigmentation damage hair ?
  • 01.01.2015
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Does scalp micropigmentation damage hair ?

It's actually a very sensitive issue.You want  to get more bush and dense hair at the same time afraid of losing the rest of your hair.Lets clarify it step by step.Scalp micropigmentation is superficial treatment and it is applied to the basement membrane zone thats binds the dermis and the epidermis of the skin. Hair follicles are on the deepest layer of skin,therefore scalp micropigmentation doesn't damage hair.On the contrary,after process during the month hair growth can be observed.Injection of pigmets into scalp has an effect of mesotheraphy and improves blood circulation.But there may be a risk after the treatment.The cause is following.The most important elemet here is the ink.Scalp micripigmentation never must  be used  with tatoo ink. Tatoo inks contain heavy metals and increase properties.They  can be health hazard. Over time it turns blue or green and  don't come out without very serious laser interventions.We use in our HFC center B.C.N.T products.These products  are defined by Ministery of Heath and during production we use the most essential elements for human health.The products  are tested dermatoligally and their determination of heavy metals were carried out.B.C.N.T micro pigment cosmetics has the first “Halal” certificate around  the world.HFS center is very sensetive to scalp micro pigmentation. HFS center is sensitive about scalp micro pigmentation. We are working hard,trying to keep our customers trust and doing our best. HFS center use customized products in all treatments. We prefer to use computer-aided Golden Needle, which is suitable for the thickness of the hair.We use Turkeys first registered trademark like  B.C.N.T inks.They  are tested dermatologically and their determination of heavy metals were performed by Ministery of Health. We try to do the perfect work and get desired result.

You can call Turkeys first registered HFS center scalp micropigmentation center per number 26 444 17 and get whole  information about treatment.Our experts will be gland to answer your questions.Our goal is  provide with  you quality and best  service. For your wishes and suggestions [email protected]


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